Few easy things we suggest that everyone can do without it being too laborious. Remember, every little gesture makes a difference  – 

1. Plant a tree or even a small plant. Watch the flowers bloom. Watch nature smile. 

2. Walk, bike and share a ride (even Canoe) to work, school or anywhere you can.

3. Save wildlife. Donate generously. 

4. For you next vacation visit a national park. Help parks from closing.

5. Unplug the gadgets, phones and tablets. Nature is best enjoyed through naked eyes.

6. Conserve water. Every drop counts. Close the faucet while brushing 🙂

7. Turn off the lights. Find solace in the darkness of the night.  

April 22 is Earth Day – http://www.earthday.org. Like always we are doing our bit to encourage you to do your bit. We urge you to please do your bit. Together, let’s make this world a better place to live.