My best friend. She is such a delight to be. We spend hours chatting, sometimes about interesting things and sometimes trivial chit-chats. Yes, we are girls so we like to gossip together. We also like to do many more things together. Sometimes we would just take a walk together. At other times we would cook or bake something delectable. That makes grocery shopping one of our very favorite things to do together. We read ingredients and labels together, explore new food in the aisles and always do the rounds of the bakery section even if we do not end up buying anything. Just walking by the section seems to be satisfying to our extremely sweet teeth.
We both love to read, she more than me. So the library is our other monthly hot spot to visit. We squat there on the floor for hours reading excerpts from books, selecting the ones that interests us. She is not a movie enthusiast but every once in a while we happen to find a movie that would interest both of us.
In between our grocery, shopping, movies and library, we sometimes make pit stops at Starbucks. She just loves going there for their Madeleines. I don’t mind my latte once in a while. Lunch dates are rare but we squeeze that too once in a while.
We share another common passion. It is called people watching. That is what we most often do during the Starbucks and the lunch dates. We have a way to do that without being intrusive. But our observations are similar and we both go back home and make notes. I occasionally write those at blogs. She is old fashioned. She maintains a journal.
My friend happens to be a very colorful person too. Unlike me. She loves colors on the paper, on canvases, on dresses, in accessories and in life. She loves dressing up. She loves doing her hair. She is very particular about how she looks. That is why it is always fun to go shopping with her. She always persuades me to try things I have never tried before. On a recent shopping trip, as I looked through nude colors for nail paint she came up with a neon blue, a bright green and an even brighter pink as a suggestion which I immediately rejected. She insisted that it would look nice on me. I was not convinced, still I selected the green, the neutral among all her choices.
Yes, we sometimes also paint our nails together, get a haircut together and twirl in our dresses together. She is such a fun person to be with.
Now all this does not mean we do not have our differences. We have plenty of them. We fight like crazy, fights that often lead to pool of tears. But friendship has to be unconditional. So we forget and forgive and move on as if nothing happened. My friend is my inspiration. She inspires me to live life like I have never done before. Her unrestricted imagination makes me want to do things that I have been hesitant about before. She makes me want to write more. She is most always an integral part of my stories. I look at her and sometimes itch to even splash a little color on the canvas.
But for now, I think I am content with the green color of my nails that she has so painstakingly painted. I think the green looks lot better than the dull neutral colors. I am so glad to have listened to my best friend.
My best friend is my almost six year old daughter.  She is also my BFF (best friends forever, silly!)
Over the weekend we heard a daughter’s love for her mom. Here is a mom’s version for her fondness for her daughter. While many think being a parent makes life more restricted, here are many who think that being a parent adds a meaningful and inspiring flavor to their life. It is all about perspective. It is about how you look at it. We feel the way you are with your kids today, they will learn to remain to be that way years later. The bond of the relationship forms in those early years.  

Authored By : Piya Mukherjee. The resident editor and author at Chatoveracuppa.