It was Easter Sunday today. I already had an egg hunt at school so instead I spent my afternoon making my Lego. When I started building the Lego, I began by following the instruction book that came along with it. Soon it seemed too hard to follow the instructions. So I used my own idea and made things.
Mom came in to my room to check on me. She really liked what I had made. I told her it was not from the instruction book. That made her even more happy. She called Dad. They took pictures of what I had built and said “Let your imagination soar.”  They explained to me how it was a good thing to use your imaginations and ideas to build, draw or write things. I was super happy and proud of myself.
All was going well till that point.
And then, just right then mom stepped on one of the many Legos scattered on the floor in my room.  I don’t need to tell you what happened next. She was in pain I could tell because she just rolled her eyes and said “No next time.”
I said, “Yes Mom, next time I will put a sign on my door – Please don’t step on my Legos.”
I am an artist. I am a dreamer. I am a kindergartner.
We wrap up this week with this final story of the week narrated by a kindergartner. It has been an amazing week of storytelling. Stories that were honest, candid , without any inhibitions or restrictions on their imagination. We felt it was apt to end the week, start a new one inspired with the thought  “Let Imagination Soar.”