This year was my first year in middle school. I am officially a sixth grader now. The transition from elementary school to middle was a little challenging. We had to move from sitting in one classroom all day to walking across the school and switching classes in five minutes every fifty-two minutes.

In elementary school, we had one teacher, who gave us a little bit of homework for each subject. Now, we face five teachers (seven subjects overall) who think that what they teach is the most important subject of all and pile you with hours of homework on end. Also, because we switched schools going from elementary to middle, many friends were lost, but new ones were to be made.

At first I was a little frightened, excited, nervous, and happy (all at the same time) at the thought of going to middle school. Honestly, it was a little tough at first when I started, but I easily made new friends, met all of my old ones after summer break, and learned to handle all the homework. Now it seems as if we are barely getting any!

But I couldn’t have done this without one very special person. She helped me with every single thing, and I was not and still am not afraid to go to her for help. My MOTHER.
She helped me with my homework, working with me for the two, three, four hours of work that I have. However much I procrastinate, she still helps me, working on science projects till two-thirty in the morning, typing up English essays till midnight, studying for next day tests for hours and hours. She shows me creative ways to think and write about in English, cool ways to do my science projects, and easier ways to do my Algebra. She sets up play dates for my friends and I so we could get together.
While I was at the science fair recently, she waited outside the auditorium for eight whole hours while my project was being judged. She could have but she did not leave; she just stayed there for me. In person, in spirits.
My mother really inspires me because she keeps pushing me forward, so I am always ahead of the game. My mom is creative, cool, fun, awesome, caring, and loving.
I hope you know that I love you very much and thank you for every single way and time that you look out for me. I LOVE YOU and I hope you have an amazing day!
Moms work so hard in doing what they do. In return all they ever expect is love and acknowledgement from the kids. There are ample times when they feel kids do not comprehend their efforts. But kids do, more than we know. This post is a living proof of that.
This post is a birthday gift from a daughter to her mom. It is a surprise for the mom, not just the post but perhaps the content of it too. Happy Birthday Mom! We are sure this is something you will treasure forever.