I am a smart, very handsome looking three year old. I am a happy, talkative, playful kid just like other kids of my age. As you would have guessed, I go to a preschool. I have lots of friends there. I play, learn and enjoy a lot there. What I have fun doing the most is the art time.
They let us get our hand dirty with paint. They let us work with glue. They let us spill color on t-shirts. They let us use lots of stickers and glitters.  They let us mould our playdohs the way we like. They let us make a mess and have super fun.  My teacher tells us to draw with our imagination. You know once I made a Bunny. My teacher looked at it and said “Awesome job! You are such a great artist.” Later while reading my story book, I thought my bunny looked a lot like tiger.
That does not mean I am not a great artist. I am. You can see the picture for yourself. You should also see how my mom’s heart melts every time I bring a new art work from school. Dad says he could not even try and make what I made at school. So he keeps mine at his work desk. They also take lots of pictures of my art. They tell me it is for when I grow up. I do not understand why because I think I will be even more better artist when I have grown up.
So tell me, do you like my art ? If you like it, I will make one for you.
Preschool art classes needs a great deal of appreciation. They do such a great job in getting little hands to work creatively and yield beautiful crafts. Ask any pre-schooler and they will tell you that it is their single most favorite thing in the school. It is also because there is no restriction of thought, creativity or independence in these art classes. As the little boy mentions there is no worry about spilled colors and glues or an abstract or real sketch. We like the art. We are going to ask this little man to make us a new banner for the blog perhaps. What do you say ?