Well, you all have known me as the big, bad wolf right? You only heard little red riding hood’s side of the story. Are you wondering how I’m alive? I dragged my body home and threw up the rock the huntsman fed me. You guys want to know my story? Great! 
It all started while I was walking home, minding my own business. Then suddenly I saw a little girl peeping out of the bushes. I said “Hello! It’s a fine day for a stroll, but what are you doing? , and what is your name? I don’t think she was supposed to talk to strangers, but she said “Hi, I am little red riding hood and I’m supposed to take food to my grandma, because she is sick”. I said for her to pick flowers for her own grandma. She agreed to it. In my mind, I thought” poor grandma I am going to go visit her.” So I went to her grandma’s house. I rang the bell once.. twice… No one answered the door, so I went in myself. I didn’t see her grandma there, and then I realized grandma was stuck in the closet. I tried to get her out of there but it wouldn’t work. 
A few minutes later the doorbell rang, I thought little red riding hood would feel terrible if she didn’t see her grandma, so I dressed like her grandma and lay in bed. The door swung open and little red riding hood came in, and said you look terrible grandma. She asked me a few insulting questions like: What big eyes you have grandma? , What big feet you have? , What big nose you have grandma?  Then she asked what big teeth you have? And I said to eat you, but wait don’t freak she didn’t let me finish. I was going to say to eat you, and then spit you out toward the closet to help open the closet door and to save your grandma. She ran around I tried to catch, but she was too fast. 
Finally she led me outside, and ran back in. I was too tired, so I took a quick nap. Then I don’t know what happened after that, but I saw her grandma was out, and there was an angry looking huntsman, and I saw stitches on my belly. When I tried to walk my tummy seriously hurt. I realized they stitch a rock into my body. I also noticed that little red riding hood had brain-washed her grandma into thinking I was a bad wolf. I went home and threw up the rock. 
Thank you for listening to my story and knowing for once that evil may not after all be that evil all the time.
Today’s story gives an interesting insight into a kid’s distinct understanding of good and evil. It’s been written by a fourth grader who loves reading book, music, dancing and studying in her spare time. The inspiration for the story comes from her grandma who is an instant storyteller and motivates our author regularly.