Picture Courtesy : A 4th grader who is also a passionate photographer.
Do you talk to your kids about the harms of using drugs? Do they understand the repercussions of doing so? 
A lot goes through a parent’s mind. When is the right time to talk to them? Are they ready to understand ? How do you broach such a topic? We can understand all of that and that is why this post.
Kids today are not only aware but willing to listen, understand and do the right thing. The schools are doing a fantastic job in their own way.  Right from kindergarten to high school. If in Kindergarten they are being taught not to take any medications from anyone except parents, in high schools there are programs and event where drug use is being advocated against. We have to do our share at home and in the society.

On that note we share with you a poem shared with us. It has been written by an elementary school student, a demonstration of the awareness within kids today.  

Drugs : You Use, You Lose 

I read about people 
Whose lives are ruined,
By using drugs the wrong way 
They think their problems will go away.

They think drugs will make them cool,
But then end up failing school. 
I wouldn’t use drugs. 
How about you ?
Marijuana, tobacco and much more
Are waiting to sink their teeth into you.

This is why, for my family and me 
I choose to be DRUG FREE !!!!!! 

At Chatoveracuppa we believe in all causes and we are not shy about talking about them. Say No To Drug Use. Talk to your kids today. Remember, the hesitation is yours and not theirs. Talk so that they can talk to you when they need to.