Plastic Is Poison – A 4th Grader Depicts This Via The Picture

According to the video “TheMajestic Plastic Bag“, the plastic bag has a journey that is long and dangerous, but if it is successful, it will reach its destination, the Great Plastic Garbage Patch. The plastic garbage patch is a heap of plastic two times the size of Texas in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It holds ninety percent of all trash floating in the world’s oceans. It is killing lots of wildlife in the water, choking or starving them until they die. The process of making plastic bags itself is killing us; humans, wildlife, and the planet. If it were up to me, I would stop plastic production altogether. It would help marine, land, and human life to stay alive, and it would allow us humans to continue living on earth because there won’t be plastic everywhere. Abandoning plastic will allow us to continue living on Earth because there won’t be plastic everywhere.
The production of plastic is destroying most living things on Earth. The factories that make them are releasing dangerous chemicals such as carbon dioxide. The CO2 is contaminating the air, water, and ground, all items that are vital to living beings. Another chemical produced by plastic producing factories is carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is known for hurting or poisoning our brains. And all these chemicals are adding to the global warming issue. 
 According to Global Warming by Karen E. Bledsoe, “Coastal flooding is increasing…the greenhouse effect is causing the oceans to become warmer. As water becomes warmer, it expands.” Carbon dioxide is one of the gases that create the greenhouse effect. It traps the heating, causing the Earth and its waters to become warmer. If we don’t control our use of plastic and/or the use of other factory made products, our continents will soon be underwater. More than fifty percent of my classmates want to stay on Earth and help create a cure for the planet we love, but if we don’t, our species will either be forced to go instinct or to habituate on places such as Mars or the moon. 
 All this is because of the production of materials that we can live without, such as plastic. My solution is to ban plastic bags from places such as grocery stores and malls. The plastic bag ban is already taking place in Los Angeles, and if the second largest metropolitan city in the U.S. has cut down on plastic bags, then it will surely influence other places, in America and around the world. Soon enough, we could ban plastic bags from all stores and shops on Earth, and it would make a huge difference in the world. Of course, everything has its pro’s and con’s. In this case, the plastic bag ban will probably put plastic factory owners, workers, and producers in a state of bankruptcy, but I believe that it is okay because it is for a greater cause. The ban will allow them to live on Earth, survive and thrive. The plastic bag ban will create a much safer environment for humans, marine life, and animal life.
As you know, the Great Plastic Garbage Patch is nearly two times the size of Texas and is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. And it is not the only garbage patch around. There is also one next to Japan that is continuing to pollute our waters. Plastic litter is dangerous and harmful to whales, otters, seals, fish, turtles, dolphins and other sea life in the ocean because 1) it takes a really long time to biodegrade on land, and 2)since it is in the ocean, it will not biodegrade and become fossil fuel at all! Some marine life, like turtles, eats jellyfish, which looks very similar to plastic. Many turtles have mistakenly eaten plastic, which lines their stomachs, not allowing nutrients and proteins to go in. So no matter how much the turtles will eat, they will always stay hungry, and grow weaker and weaker, and then unfortunately die. Fish may swim into a transparent plastic bag and not be able to get out because they can’t swim backwards. The solution is simple. Find or create a plastic eating fungus or bacteria.
According to CNN, MNN, and, we have actually found a species of bacteria that eats plastic. The good side is, this could put an end to the plastic waste in the ocean and on land. But, these bacteria might also be quite “evil”. They could either be helping or just going up the food system. They might eat more than just plastic. They could also be a chance that they eat metals, dirt, houses etc. Letting them do our job of cleaning up the plastic is a huge risk, so I believe they should first be watched over with care in laboratories. But if they prove to be safe, then e let them out into the ocean, and we would be on our way to a cleaner, greener planet!

Out of the two solutions that I have put forth, I believe they both will help a lot if we put them into action worldwide. My second solution could be a bit risky, but I think we should go for it. Everything comes with a price, even my first solution. The plastic bag ban will hurt the economy, but it is completely worth it. We will all be able to stay on planet Earth, the one that we love so much. It has helped us survive till now, so we must pay it back and let Earth live even longer. Abandon plastic, help save the animals, clean up our trash in the ocean and we shall continue to thrive!
We kick off our exclusive kid’s week special for the Spring Break in many of the schools in US with this very thoughtful article on the menace created from the use of plastic. Please  take a moment to read it, have your child read it or read it to them. The Majestic Plastic Bag video mentioned in the post is a must watch too. 
The post is authored by a 6th grader and the picture has been provided by a 4th grader.