Handling conflicts is one of the greatest challenges that an adult faces on a everyday basis. We all have our own ways to handle it, most of it is pretty much how we have been handling conflicts since we were kids.
My son’s school is doing something worth a mention in this area. Teaching kids to deal with conflicts or problem comes with added share of challenges. Here is what the school is teaching the kids – Walk Talk Rock.
If there is a conflict,
Walk – You can decide to walk away. An important step in avoiding fights, bullying or altercations. Easier said than done. This is perhaps the most difficult thing to do.
Talk – This is the one we naturally tend to do. That does not mean it is the most effective one. Talk about it.  Talk about the problem, talk about your difference and hash it out.
Rock – If Walk and Talk both fail, then rock as in play rock, paper and scissors. This promote a lighter and fun way to bring the conflict to a closure. 
While I try to implement this in my life. I know for sure these kids are learning an important lesson. Cases of fights are almost unheard of in the school and on the playground. I am still finding out which one of the three is the most popular one. Which one of the three do the kids most often resort to.
My instincts say they are most likely rocking it out. 

Shared by a parent of an elementary school kid from California. Schools are doing so much to create able, balanced and good human beings. We saw a coach deliver a life lesson very recently. This is yet another example of the exemplary efforts at a school.