If we showed you this picture and asked you to tell us about the two words that instantly came to your mind. Our guess is you may say any of the following – Mother Bird, Motherhood, Nurturing, Parenting, Feeding. Mother’s Love etc. “Mother” would most likely figure in most of your response. That was exactly our thought when we saw this picture.
The norm says mother birds feed the baby birds. There are notions and this is one. It is thought all or most nurturing comes primarily from Mom. That just seems natural.
However, this discussion made us curious. We Googled this up to know more- “Do father birds feed baby birds?” The answer is  – It depends on the species of bird. In many species, the male does not help rear the chicks. In some species, such as the ostrich, the male spends a good deal of time taking care of the chicks.
By that reference, Dads are becoming more of Ostrich dads these days. Don’t you think ? We definitely and absolutely think so.
So we say this picture is symbolic of those dads who –
  • Never held a baby before their own was born. But now they hold and rear as if this is what they were always meant to do.
  • Change diapers, rock the baby, feed the baby while the mother catches up on sleep.
  • Flip pancakes for breakfast or fix a grilled cheese snack on weekends or any day of the week.
  • Read a book or tell a story before tucking the kids at night.
  • Make doodles, sail paper boats or fly a kite with their kids.
  • Keep scribbled love notes and colorful art work on their desk at work.
  • Take their kids to the pediatrician, birthday parties, soccer games and lot more.
  • Go to the father’s night ball with their daughter despite of  their two left feet.
  • Go to the kids soccer game and cheer as if it was the greatest match of all.
  • Dads who do what they need to enable the mom to do what she may want to do.
  • Dads who believe they are an equal parent. Dads who become their kid’s friend and confidante in a way that only a dad can be. 

No it is not Father’s day yet. But there is always reason enough to celebrate Dads.Thank you Sangeeta Karthik for this picture that led to the inspiration and thought behind this post.