An early Saturday morning soccer practice. A bunch of fellow elementary school kids. High energy on the field. A hard days play. 

This picture was taken as the players cooled off after the practice. An important after game sermon was being delivered by the coach. Rules for the field. Rules for life.

“Always play a fair game. On the field. In your life.”

A lesson that will stay with the kids forever whether they continue playing the game or not.  It is not just about the sport. There is a lot more kids learn on the field. 

My son catches me in between my thought. We give each other a hi-five. I ask him, “How was practice?” 

He answered “It was Cool! Coach talked about always playing fair.” 

I smiled. I am glad he had listened and taken notice. 

Shared by a parent based on her experience at her son’s soccer practice. Life lessons when taught on the field are more pragmatic and fun, she adds.