Pizza !

It was 1985 and I was at Sydney on a long study tour. It was there that I heard about the Italian food “Pizza” for the first time. I tried it, but cannot remember if I liked it or not. After sometime, pizza became available at my small town back home in India at the cost of Rs.5. I tried it once again, but it felt hard like stone.
Some years later, during the Indian festival of Durga-Puja/ Nav-Ratri  we were visiting  our one and only one daughter at her graduate school in another city. She planned to surprise us and took us to a pizza joint  where it cost Rs.60 each. With the pre-conceived notion of the stone like pizza I had last time, I rejected her plan, spoiling her surprise, took her to a big fancy restaurant instead. 
As time moved on, Pizza Huts started appearing at every street corner. I actually started liking pizza, specially because of my grandchildren. I love pizza now, but can’t eat it in their absence. My emotion haunts me down the lane to that unforgettable episode and I feel uncomfortable. I can gift anything to them but can’t erase the incident from her Papa’s memory. What shall I do?
This story has been shared with us by a doting father of one of our regular readers. He is one of regular readers too. We have been asking around for stories and one day we received this very emotional story in our Inbox. It is an incident that the daughter probably does not even remember but the father took to heart and always kept it that way. It left us teary eyed. It made us miss our dads and wonder what they would have taken to heart in a similar way. How simple moments in life sometimes stay etched in the memory for reasons that you will not imagine.

We hope his daughter (for whom this is a surprise) has a box of Kleenex next to her. The Chatoveracuppa team promises to sponsor a pizza date for the father and daughter duo when they meet next.