Once upon a time there was a little girl named Corey. She loved to eat junk food. One day, when she was hungry she went into the kitchen and looked into the cabinets. But there was no junk food to eat. So she told her parent’s that she was hungry. They asked her to get the grapes from the fruit basket. She took the grapes and ate it but she was not happy. 
The next time when she was hungry, she did not go to her parents. She got some more grapes, some strawberries and then she opened the refrigerator. She found cupcakes in there. She got two cupcakes and put them on the plate next to her grapes and strawberries. She took the plate to the garage so that no one found out about the cupcakes. She sat on the garage floor and finished her fruits and the cupcakes. While she was eating one of the cupcake, the frosting from the cupcake fell on her shoe. She still kept eating and did not worry about cleaning her shoe. 
The next day when she was going to the school, her mother found some green icing on her shoe. The little girl was grounded for one whole week because the mother found out about the cupcakes. 
Moral: Never try to trick your parents. Never eat junk food.

This story has been written by a seven year old and the moral of the story has been suggested by her five year old friend.  The girls were provided with the picture above and they came up with the story impromptu. We loved it so much that we have published it here as-is.

Moral For The Parents :  Your children know more than you think they do.