Snow days are good fun. And when the snow days come after a night of non-stop silent snow gently falling on earth, they are even better. You wake up in the morning and peep out, everything is sprinkled with a serene whiteness making it truly a winter wonderland. But there are more reasons than that, which make snow days thrilling. 

There is an extra bit of fun added to waking up at 5 am, to see the schools finally announce the “Snow day Off” and the offices closed. The day which was supposed to be routine and busy, filled with classes to be taught or meetings to be attended, deadlines to be met, quick breakfasts or kids getting ready for their school, comes to a ….PAUSE. And this year we had so many such welcome pauses and fun days. 

One such pause was the five day long weekend which included Valentine’s day. That first night 15 inches of snow accumulated ! And with more on the way, it was a day off for everyone. It was time to enjoy a late & fancy breakfast, snow ball fights, building igloos and ending the day camping and sleeping in a tent on top of a bed!

The next day was a beautiful one too, with dripping trees, melting snow, snow crew cleaning roads, spewing salt and people shoveling and realizing that two days of snow was finally over. After more than twenty inches of snow, the kids and I got together to build three balls of snow, a giant one, on top of it a medium and on top of that a small one. It took us an hour and some pieces of our belongings and there it was our very own snowman 

Frosty with a red floral pattern beach shirt, a Santa hat and sun glasses, happy and perfectly made for Valentine’s day.

In the evening, we sneaked out in the pretext of getting groceries and got some delicious snacks, cake and food and of course a Valentine heart balloon to celebrate an awesome and relaxed Valentine dinner! It was a memorable snowfall. 

And that’s what I have begun to love about it. Every time it snows, it gives us moments to pause, cherish, play, enjoy, gather around and spend time with those who matter the most and we love the most.

This post has been contributed by Amrita Madabushi. A mother of two, a professor and a passionate story teller. While everyone complained of the continued snowstorm and the rough weather in the east coast, she found it as an opportunity to make the most of it with her family and kids.